IMarine Data E-Infrastructure Deployment and Operation: Resources

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The D4ScienceAn e-Infrastructure operated by the initiative. Infrastructure is composed by 2 groups of resources:

  • resources provided by the sites managed by different EU project partners (iMarine, EUBrazilOpenBio, etc) or provided by external partners sites having an established collaboration with some of the EU Projects.
  • resources accessible using a federated approach.

In particular the iMarine project partners ( CNR, NKUA, FAO, FIN) and its external partner ( ASGC) provide hosting resources:

  • Hosting Resources: the physical and virtualized resources supporting the infrastructure

where to deploy EMI/UMD, gCube, Hadoop and other needed software:

As said, besides the resources iMarine hosts in the D4ScienceAn e-Infrastructure operated by the initiative. Infrastructure, iMarine is establishing close interoperability links with other infrastructures, many of them already available in the D4ScienceAn e-Infrastructure operated by the initiative. Infrastructure. These collaborations are based on a Research Collaboration Model where resources of one infrastructure can be consumed or accessed by another infrastructure and vice-versa through an agreement community-based approach under the control of the infrastructure’s middleware.

The Federated Resources can be grouped in 3 categories:

A subset of the resources part of the production infrastructure are dedicated to the Quality Assurance tasks:

The development infrastructure instead is composed by the following resources: