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iMarine offers several methods to retrieve data-sets to external parties. All users of the infrastructure can be equipped with a variety of data sharing facilities, depending on their needs. This enables them to prepare, control, review, and publish their data. In specific cases, this can be supported by infrastructure work-flow features.

Some key examples of data services that can be accessed from outside the infrastructure are:

For geospatial explicit data:

  • WMSSee Workload Management System or Web Mapping Service. / WFSWeb Feature Service / WCSWeb Coverage Service for. AquaMaps can be directly downloaded from the infrastructure.
  • WPS for on-demand processing of data. Currently, no WPS services are exposed for data.
  • GeoNetwork is the tool of choice to discover and retrieve information from the infrastructure. It can be accessed here:

For statistical data:

  • The iMarine SDMX repository will contain time-series data that are generated in the StatiCube based products. The repository complies with the xyz standard. Not all data are public, and a log-in may e required to access parts of the infrastructure.
  • Other statistical datasets, such as used in trendylyzer,

For biodiversity data:

  • Most data are not exposed, as this is not permitted under the data policies stipulated by the key data-providers. However, data can be published as Darwin Core Archive (DwC-A) dataset.